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Wege Broken Hard Pretzels


Wege Cruncher Pretzels


Wege Cruncher Pretzels Barrel Refill


Wege Everything Pretzels


Wege Hard Pretzels


Wege Hard Pretzels Barrel Refill


Wege Hard Pretzels Barrels


Wege Hard Pretzels Caddy


Wege Little Pretzels


Wege Mini Pretzels Barrels


Wege Multigrain Pretzel Stick


Wege No Salt Hard Pretzels Caddy


Wege Nugget Pretzels


Wege Party Stick Pretzels


Wege Poker Pretzels



Mini Pretzels in the Shapes of Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds


Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Casinos or Any Full House!


Retail and Food Service


Ask your Bickel’s Sales Represetative for a “Deal”


Wege Poker Pretzels Barrels


Wege Specials/Cruncher Pretzels Barrels


Wege Specials/Crunchers Pretzels


Wege Thin Pretzels


Wege Windows Pretzels